Where else to start at the beginning, but the end? :)

– – – – –

The good news is that my former employer is going to have a very good chance to break even in a couple years.

The bad news is that it’ll happen without me.

The hilarious news is that later today, I get to fulfill a lifelong dream of writing an “out of office message” that begins:

 You have reached the mailbox of Matthew Klippenstein. I will be out of the office indefinitely…”

It’s almost as cool as the time a few years ago when I had the chance to send a broadcast email to the effect of:

“attn- to the owner of a grey mountain bike, your light is on…”


The very best thing is that I’ll have a bit more time in the interim to write, tweet, and upload a backlog of missives into this blog. Oh, and help take care of my young son, too. Mustn’t forget that…!

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  • Bruce  On July 13, 2012 at 7:08 am

    On to bigger and better things. Or perhaps smaller and more beautiful things? Best wishes Matthew!

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