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The plug-in has landed!

Yesterday (Sept 26) we had the pleasure of picking up our new Prius Plug-In, at a local dealership.  Apparently it’s the first one sold in British Columbia (not including prototype vehicle testing fleets, which’ve been around a couple years, but weren’t available to the public for purchase).  It’s so new, in fact, that Toyota salespeople haven’t been fully trained on it yet!  :)

It seems like an amazing vehicle — mind you, when your prior car is twenty years old, how could it not?  :)  Funnily enough, it took us a few minutes to turn it on the first time, because I kept forgetting to put my foot on the brake pedal when depressing the power button.  The 17 km drive back home from the dealership went smoothly; we made it back with 200 m of electric-mode range to spare.  Woot!



All of which brings us to our first challenge as plug-in owning renters: getting access to a plug.  Basically, we’ll have to trade parking spaces and negotiate with the landlord for use of one of the outlets.  Many people aspire to a dream house, but me, I’ll settle for a dream garage.  ;)

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Blogging will be light until Equinox…

Blogging has been light non-existent for the past couple weeks, as I’ve been preoccupied with a fifteen-part chronicle of my life in fuel cells.  A vacation now beckons, meaning that blogging should resume around the autumnal equinox.

Back soon!