“Call Me Maybe” follow-up is a Major Second song…

I heard Carly Rae Jepsen’s new song Curiosity on the radio yesterday, and was fascinated that it’s a Major Second song.  By which I mean the song undergoes a key change upwards partway through — and to use the musical term, the key change is a “major second”.

If you purchase the song (like I did :) ) — or simply hear it on the radio — you can listen for the key change at about 2:10.

Regrettably, I can’t tell if it’s a Four Chord song.  :)


Like the Four Chords, the “major second” key change is part of every musican’s toolbox, and is generally used to give songs an uplifting extra “push” two-thirds of the way along.  Vaguely like the seventh-inning stretch in baseball, I suppose, or the twenty-minute tea break in cricket.  :)  The fact that Ms. Jepsen used it, is perfectly fine; indeed, she uses it pretty effectively.

Other notable Major Second songs in my iTunes collection, or which otherwise come to mind, include:

– Diana Ross’ Chain Reaction (at roughly 3:00)

– Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody (3:15)

(I’m presuming Mariah Carey has used it too, but don’t know many of her songs)

– Michael Jackson’s Heal The World (4:30 in my version, which stretches about 6:30 long)

– and also his You Are Not Alone (3:45)

– Shania Twain’s Any Man Of Mine (2:45)

– Oasis’ Hey Jude tribute, All Around The World (4:45)

– Kylie Minogue’s Your Disco Needs You (2:45)   (only the bridge)

– Taylor Swift’s Love Story (3:15)

– and personal favourite Pet Shop Boys’ gay anthem-turned-basis-for-soccer chants, Go West (3:30)


The last mention, however, has to go to Aussie comedy trio Axis of Awesome, with their masterful How to Write a Love Song (2:30 and then again at 2:50!)

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