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VEVA: end-of-2012 stats updates, and Vancouver area charging station updates

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A few final updates, before the end of the year. :)

a) Metrotown’s charging stations — all 10 of them — should be up and running in January. I’ve been in touch with one of their project managers, who said he’d let us know when the official unveiling is. It’d be super cool if we could get a bunch of folks coming down for the grand opening, because then we could get some media mentions… maybe encourage some people to consider going electric… and who knows, maybe we’ll get a few new members too?  :)

b) I just found out that the super-polarizing local environmental titan David Suzuki, is a plug-in Prius owner. He’s not a VEVA member yet, but I know a, um, very eccentric mutual friend. It’d be nice if we could get him to join, eh? If nothing else, maybe we could convince him to get one of those “battery powered” stickers for his vehicle. :)

c) I’ve been doing some updates on the car sales statistics for the US and for Canada. Again, the spreadsheet is located here.

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Canadian sales are running at around 0.1% of total car sales, but with the introduction of the plug-in Prius (and more aggressive LEAF promotion efforts by Nissan) our American cousins’ EV’s are now about 0.5% of the market.

It’s hard to know the best way to interpret those numbers, so in the next few weeks I’ll be trying to calculate what % of the market EV’s are in the US and Canada, among $30,000+ vehicles.

Prius: a Crystal Anniversary (15 years)

A few Prius-inclined websites noted last week that Dec 10, 2012 marked the 15th anniversary of the Prius’ introduction in Japan.  With the Prius (temporarily?) becoming the world’s 3rd-best-selling car brand in 2012, the anniversary probably deserves some reflection.  :)

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Cumulative Canadian (PH)EV sales (through Nov 2012)

It doesn’t look as if this data has been centralized on the web yet, so I’ll start.

Cumulative Canadian (PH)EV sales through Nov 2012 can be found at this link, here:


The list is incomplete (for example, no Tesla data yet) but I’ll be trying to add that in, with each monthly update.  I’ll also try to get a province-by-province breakdown of the numbers, if and where possible.  Nothing like a little internecine rivalry to accelerate EV adoption eh?


Various notes include:

  • Canadian (PH)EV sales are currently running at about 4% the US rate.  Given the 9:1 population ratio, one would expect sales to run at roughly 11% the US rate.  Part of the reason for the lower run-rate is that most models seem to’ve launched first in the US, and arrived in Canada only later.
  • the Chevy Volt holds an “iPod”-like dominance in the Canadian EV market, comprising roughly 75% of sales.  (The Volt looks to have about a 40% market share in the US.)  Who a few years ago would have thought that the company that brought out the Hummer, would have a sales lead in an eco-category, any eco-category?

The US once was, but will never again be, the Saudi Arabia of oil

[Update: slight revisions to the “…join us next time” paragraphs at the very end.  :)  ]

The idea that the US might one day produce more oil than Saudi Arabia, popularized by an International Energy Agency (IEA) report, has gone viral in recent weeks.  It’s like the “Call Me Maybe” phenomenon, but for Very Serious People!  :)

Alas, the idea that the US will out-produce Saudi Arabia is a vaporous mirage.  Well, unless Saudi Arabian production falls off a cliff, that is.  The projections are built on the kind of verbal trickery that transformed “47% of Americans don’t actually earn enough money to pay federal income taxes” into the “47% of Americans are lazy takers” meme that sank Mitt Romney’s campaign.  Did those World War II veterans think they could just beat Hitler and rely on handouts in retirement?  ;)

It’s said that where there’s smoke, there’s mirrors, so let’s find that disco ball, shall we?

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