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Feb 2013 Canadian plug-in electric vehicle sales

Been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently, due to some gratifyingly awesome progress on separate writing projects — a trend likely to continue for another couple weeks at least.

In the meanwhile, my post on Canadian plug-in electric vehicle sales in Feb 2013, went up last week at GreenCarReports.  The Volt won the category for the 12th straight month, followed by the Nissan Leaf and then the Toyota Prius plug-in.

The master database is, as always, available here.

Book Club 08 – Cradle to Cradle

One line item in my 2013 “bucket list” was to upload the book summaries from my work business book club.  Since we covered about 40 books, and I wanted to upload one book a week, March was about the latest date I could start this project, and still hope to finish within the calendar year.  :)

Instead of uploading these chronologically, I’ve decided to upload them thematically, so people interested in, say, Toyota, or sustainability, don’t have to wait for weeks and weeks until another book of interest gets covered.

In addition to the blog, I’ll make all the PDF’s available in a publicly-accessible Google Drive, at:

The first uploaded book summary is that of Cradle to Cradle, the landmark book by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. In addition to the PDF below, the summary has been made available at:


Book Club 08 – Cradle to Cradle