Monthly Archives: September 2013

Paging Dr. Freud…

Logged on to desktop-Facebook recently.

Was greeted by these ads.

They were… disturbing.

disturbing facebook ads

I don’t even want to know what photos they used for the female or gay audience!

Perhaps this is some sort of bizarre homage to Renaissance painter Guiseppe Arcimbolo, colloquially known as “that crazy artist who painted people as if they were made of fruit”, as per the portrait below.


More likely, it’s just the latest example of the ubiquity of sex in advertising.

It also leads to the question of whether algorithms can be developed to detect this kind of sexual imagery; one can imagine Facebook would want to prevent such advertising from getting displayed to inappropriate demographics, though some of that might be covered off by stated interests.  (One imagines that the above images wouldn’t be pushed to someone who’s expressed strongly conservative religious interests on FB…)


APSC150 speech

My August Canadian EV car sales stats update went up recently. Which was cool.

Cooler still, I had a chance to wax poetic about sustainability, and my new-found optimism that we’ll avoid the worst of our dystopian horrors. I was invited to be a guest lecturer for an engineering course at UBC (APSC 150) where I had the privilege to slightly shape the minds of about four hundred first-year students. And show them how, here in the first world, #WeAreWhales. (The cryptic comment is described in the slide deck, here.)

Coolest of all, I’ve achieved a Wiki-immortality of sorts! I’m a Wikipedia footnote in the Tesla Model S article! Or, rather, one of my older GreenCarReports columns is. The one describing the vehicle’s Canadian sales figures for the first half of 2013. :)

Wiki Klippenstein

Of course, Wiki’s being the infinitely editable sites that they are, my fame will well be fleeting. Which brings to mind to Hindu parable of Indra and the ants, whose punchline was once majestically translated as “former Indra’s, all“. :) For all our works and purpose, pride and presence, in time’s great fulness we are all returned into the Void from whence we came.