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A mini blog re: Mega Fauna

RR panel 1

Productivity gurus occasionally say that to make time for the most important things (e.g. promoting your next book) you need to cut back the time you spend on less-critical stuff (such as, writing it yourself) by making priority calls (translation: hire a ghostwriter).

Sadly, I haven’t met any ghostwriters comfortable starting blog posts with 50-word-long sentences such as the opening above – probably because every communications teacher / prof would advise against it – so my blogging has ground to a halt so solid, it would make the Western Front of the World War I seem fluid and dynamic. (Well, crap, that was another 56.)

But first, for non-history buffs: the Western Front of the First World War was where the European powers perfected trench warfare, causing the front line to stay unchanged for about four years.

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