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RR panel 1

Productivity gurus occasionally say that to make time for the most important things (e.g. promoting your next book) you need to cut back the time you spend on less-critical stuff (such as, writing it yourself) by making priority calls (translation: hire a ghostwriter).

Sadly, I haven’t met any ghostwriters comfortable starting blog posts with 50-word-long sentences such as the opening above – probably because every communications teacher / prof would advise against it – so my blogging has ground to a halt so solid, it would make the Western Front of the World War I seem fluid and dynamic. (Well, crap, that was another 56.)

But first, for non-history buffs: the Western Front of the First World War was where the European powers perfected trench warfare, causing the front line to stay unchanged for about four years.

Following the advice of “doing fewer things better” (which was Ballard’s mantra one year, if memory serves) I put blogging at the bottom of my priorities, down there with, oh, weight training. :)

One benefit is that I was able to put more time to stuff such as the short comic-book story below: Romulus and Remus. (Click the link, and it should open.) Before you ask, I didn’t do the art, but in my defense, let me add that the dialogue took a very, very long time to write! ;)

Romulus and Remus

The art was by a very talented young woman named Ksenia Kozhevnikova; here are some kid-friendly drawings she did, relating to Game of Thrones, which I understand to be an extraordinarily kid-unfriendly TV series.

The story will be published later this year as part of Vancouver-area comic-book group Cloudscape Comics’ Mega Fauna anthology, which will be printed through a Kickstarter crowd-funding project. If you’re feeling inclined to support a bunch of local artists – only one of whom lives the easy life of a white-collar worker – please consider opening that wallet or purse (or murse — hey, I won’t judge)!

Especially if I’ve bought Girl Guide cookies or fundraising chocolates from you in the past, and I can seed any feelings of reciprocity in your consciences for, say, the $5 ebook level. There’s also a $35 level where you can get a dead-tree version of the ebook. I understand these so-called “trade paperbacks” are useful for swatting insects, propping up doors, protecting bookshelves from dust build-up, and showing to young kids who ask what people did before tablets and e-readers. :)

Anyways, given my thirty-two sweet teeth, I can pretty much guarantee if you ever brought any confections-for-a-cause into the office, I bought some. And if I haven’t yet, well, now you know who to call!

Part proceeds above the $4700 goal will even go to the contributors as royalties. Of course, given that they’ll be split between about twenty contributors – that’s more members than the Wu-Tang Clan! – remuneration will be very nominal. Just enough to keep buying Girl Guide cookies from friends & coworkers. :)

Incidentally, I’ve submitted a proposal for next year’s anthology, Epic Canadiana 2, where contributors are asked to create Canadian superheroes. So, in the vein of The Mask of Zorro, I pitched the short story, The Toque of Castor, set in the Canadian wilderness outside New France. One of the many gimmicks I’ve proposed – in characteristically rambling, paragraph-length sentences – is that Castor will be a Metis “Lone Ranger” figure – except that his ethnic sidekick will be white. :)

So that’s one of the creative projects I’m looking forward to announcing next year. Alongside this little samurai theatre play which I’ve been trying to turn into a graphic novel for, oh, about as long as the Western Front stayed still in W.W.I…  (cue dramatic music and slow cinematic reveal  :)  )

The Middle Path - Hideo sketch

The Middle Path – Hideo sketch

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